I have been fascinated by and working on Augmented Reality (AR) applications since 2002. While doing my PhD, I had the privilege to work in the Studierstube team led by Prof. Dieter Schmalstieg at the Vienna University of Technology and later the Graz University of Technology. In my research projects I primarily used stationary AR setups with room-sized and tabletop environments including personal computers, magnetic and infrared tracking systems, and head-mounted displays.

After my graduation I joined the Viennese company Imagination GmbH and have been working there as a software engineer, designing and implementing handheld augmented reality applications for mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones. I have been working in a project called Studierstube Embedded Subset (StbES) in a close cooperation with the Graz University of Technology. StbES is a cross-platform handheld augmented reality SDK. In this project I have been responsible for porting software components to multiple mobile platforms (see platforms I have experience with below in the image), commercial customer support and maintenance, and application development based on our own software stack.


Besides doing research and development, my work at Imagination has been commercially oriented and customer driven. I have been directly involved in projects developing mobile augmented reality solutions for numerous companies (see a few names below in the image), embracing various applications such as games, navigation, marketing campaings, and education. All projects required an active and continuous collaboration and coordination between artists such as graphics designers and 3D modellers, and programmers. This is the type of interdisciplinary work I have always wanted to do and enjoy a lot.